Exhibitions and audio-visual presentations

Exhibitions and audio-visual presentations which Michelle has participated in and contributed to. From Moscow, Russia to London in the UK, see the full list.



Collective Exhibition to mark the 40th Anniversary of Colectivo Imagen – work “The Swamp, Luisiana”.



Collective Exhibition with an open theme – obra “Beso Robado” work “A stolen kiss”.


2021 NFT.NYC Conference, New York, New York

“The Mask” exhibited in the Mask Ephemera Exhibition for the NFT.NYC Conference. The exhibition curated by SearchLight by NFTs.Tips and showcased in The Edison Ballroom and Palladium Center in Times Square, NYC.


 2021 NFT Art Week Beijing Stratosphere

“Intertwining” exhibited in “STRATOSPHERE”, which was the premier and largest IRL/Metaverse NFT Art showcase in the world. The physical event took place in Beijing, China, showcasing 500 Inernational of artists on over 500 High Definition digital displays. The virtual show will take place in a VR Gallery for a year.


 2021 Miami Collective NFTs.tips exhibition

“0ut of the darkness, into the light” Michelle was one of 70 international artists. She minted her first NFT “Eliza” for the show.


 SegoviaFoto 2017 “Memorándum”

Collective Exhibition to mark the 10th Anniversary of SegoviaFoto.


2016 Fundación Valentín de Madariaga, Seville, Spain

Two prints “Hannah” displayed in collective exhibition “Spin Off”, featuring work by selected alumni from the prestigious CAC Malaga Contemporary Photography Course.


2016 Na Kashirke Gallery, Moscow, Russia

Honourable mention in Moscow International Foto Awards for “Am I alone?”, projected on screen.


2016 Mercado del Arte, Marbella, Malaga, Spain

Exhibition with three new collections of work: “My Takes” “Misty” and “Out of Season” in a collective exhibition at the Mercado del Arte in Malaga.


2015 Gourmeart, Malaga, Spain

Gourmeart Collective Photographic Exhibition in Malaga ‘’Hannah & ‘’The Bullfighter’’.


2013 Royal Photographic Society Biennial Exhibition, United Kingdom

Two prints selected: “Hannah” and “One Glance”.
This exhibition toured the United Kingdom during 2013, including one month at the Royal Albert Hall, London.


1992 Casa de la Cultura, Estepona, Malaga, Spain

First prize for audio-visual presentation “Life in Latin America”.


2008 La Bienal de Flamenco De Sevilla

Seville’s Museum of Flamenco Dance. The exhibit displayed the work of 45 photographers from around the world including four dance images by Michelle Chaplow.


2004 Salon Quejigo, Hotel Fuerte, Grazalema, Cadiz, Spain

Solo exhibition: “Visions of Andalucia”. David Clarke, Head of Photography at Tate London, said “A beautiful exhibition which really captures the essence of Spain.”


1992 John Mackintosh Hall, Gibraltar

First solo exhibition: images from “Guatemala, Belize and Gibraltar

Works in progress for future exhibitions



Andalucia Auras

In 1991 Michelle started photographing Andalucia, the region of southern Spain where she resides; Michelle is in the process of launching a collection of NFT´s inspired by the Auras of Andalucia, they include fine art portraits and landscapes.



In 2016 Michelle commenced a project called “Intertwining” – images of the human form intertwined into the landscape and naturally adopting the same environmental shapes, colours and textures as the nature around them.


The Pool of Life

In 2012 the Pool of Life series started as a project for the CAC Contemporary Photography Course, examining the female form. It features naked women in abandoned swimming pools throughout Andalucia.