Portrait Photography

Fashion designer José Galvañ Costura, Sevilla.
Black and white portrait of female model
Portrait of Sophie by Michelle Cahplow
Black and white portrait of female model

Portrait Photography portfilio by Michelle Chaplow

Photographing models in a studio environment is a collaborative process. It involves the model, the photographer and the photographer´s team.

“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” – Edward Steichen.


José Galvañ – Flamenco Designer

Michelle Chaplow and Joaquin Alarcon travelled to Seville to photograph flamenco designer José Galvañ, setting up a mini studio in his workshop.

The light used for this portrait is the three-quarter light of the old masters.

The black background and the ruffles of the flamenco dresses create an interesting composition with the appropriate lighting. The composition of this portrait is deliberately designed to draw the viewer in and make them inquisitive with a desire to want to know more about the subject.

Sophie Gatward – Writer

A portrait of Sophie Gatward was created in Michelle Chaplow’s studio shoot, complemented by the work of renowned make-up artist Dennie Pasion.

The collection presents two very different images, each of which tells a unique story. In the first, a burst of colour enhances the vibrancy and brings out the natural beauty of the model. Dennie’s choice of soft pinks and nudes work so well in this colour image, with the striking contrast of a black background.

The second, presented in classic black and white, underlines the mysterious allure of the moment. A close-up portrait that skilfully captures the interplay of light and shadow, with a strong emphasis on the model’s eyes, adding depth and emotion to the composition.

Yamaya Faye – Influencer

A photoshoot featuring model Yamaya Faye, make-up artist Dennie Passion and Art Director Cheryl, assisted by Joaquin Alarcon,

The first set was shot in colour. It featured Faye in a bright yellow dress adorned with beads, evoking a goddess warrior aesthetic. The studio setting provided the perfect backdrop. Dennie cleverly accentuated the theme with yellow lines on the Yamaha’s temples, blending past influences with contemporary style.

Working with wardrobe assistant Tracey Kelly, the studio atmosphere buzzed with creativity as fabrics and garments were meticulously chosen to complement Faye’s powerful presence. Michelle’s keen eye for lighting was evident as she chose one main light and two secondary lights, ensuring a pristine white background to enhance the vibrancy of Faye’s ensemble.

For the second phase of the shoot, the lens turned to Yamaya Faye’s home in Marbella, creating a more intimate and personal atmosphere. Studio lighting was handled by lighting expert Joaquin Alarcón. Adding a touch of global glamour, make-up artist Dennie Passion sourced Swarovski crystal eyelashes from Dubai to complement a striking black gown chosen for the occasion.

Behind the lens, Michelle Chaplow gave the shoot a deliberately cinematic, ‘movie set’ feel. She deliberately captured the play of light and shadow and the reflections on the staircase, creating an image that went beyond mere photography. This deliberate documentation added depth and drama, resulting in a composition that not only showcased Yamaya Faye’s elegance, but also celebrated the unique qualities of her home. It was a seamless blend of fashion and lifestyle.

The third black and white portrait shows Yamaya in the driver’s seat of her sports car, wearing an elaborate hat and leather gloves. In this portrait, the interplay of light, reflections and distinct shapes becomes the narrative itself. This monochrome image is a testament to the simplicity and power inherent in the art of photography, relying solely on natural light and a strategically placed reflector. A sense of elegance and dynamism is skilfully conveyed through the composition. Within this minimalist yet powerful frame, Yamaya’s personality, the sleek sports car and the timeless appeal of black and white photography come together to create a visual statement that resonates with the viewer.