Product Photography

Olive Oil - Studio product photography by Michelle Chaplow

Product Photography by Michelle Chaplow

A focus on wine and olive oil In the realm of commercial photography, accurately capturing products such as wine and olive oil demands a meticulous approach within a controlled studio environment. Achieving a visually compelling representation involves addressing key considerations, including the mitigation of unwanted reflections and the creation of optimal lighting conditions.

Reflections can be a significant challenge when photographing products with glossy or reflective surfaces, such as glass bottles containing olive oil. To overcome this hurdle, Michelle has strategically positioned lighting sources to avoid distracting reflections, yet keeping some reflections to add volume.

In the pursuit of creating an ideal atmosphere for product photography, the role of lighting cannot be overstated. To showcase wine and olive oil products in their best light, Michelle opted for a combination of soft, diffused lighting which helps to minimise harsh shadows and highlights, providing a balanced illumination that enhances the product’s details and texture. In both products one highlight has been added to provide volume and a touch of back lighting which enhances the curvaceous shape of the bottles

The choice of lighting equipment is crucial. Soft boxes, diffusers, and bounce cards contribute to a controlled and even illumination, while spotlights can be strategically employed to highlight specific areas of the product, such as the label on an olive oil or wine bottle.

Additionally, the color temperature of the lighting should be carefully considered to ensure accurate color reproduction. Maintaining a consistent color temperature across all lighting sources prevents color casts and guarantees that the products appear true to life in the final images.

The backdrop also plays a pivotal role in product photography. A white or neutral and non-reflective backgrounds, keep the viewer’s focus solely on the product. Furthermore, controlling the distance between the product and the backdrop is essential to achieve an appealing depth of field and separation from the background.

In conclusion, the art of photographing wine and olive oil products in a studio setting requires a meticulous approach to lighting and reflection management. By strategically addressing these considerations, photographer´s can create images that not only highlight the unique features of the products but also resonate with the intended audience. Through a blend of technical expertise and a little creativity, the studio is the place where promotional product images are captured, prior to use in advertising and e-commerce campaigns.

The wine and olive oil bottles were shot using Nikon equipment and Bowens studio lighting.