One Glance, India © Michelle Chaplow Photography

One Glance Street Life, New Delhi, India

This print was selected for the RPS Members’ Biennial Exhibition and in April 2013 it was exhibited in the Royal Albet Hall, London. This is the hall where the world’s leading artists have performed on stage and I am so proud to have had two of my photographs, albeit temporarily, grace their walls.

When I am teaching photography,many of my students have never been to the place where the course is before, whether it’s Andalucia in southern Spain or Bangkok, or wherever. That initial experience is unique, enviable, unrepeatable – when your senses are at their most heightened. After a first visit to a new country, that innocence can never be restored, and everything looks different, so it’s the same with the eye. The first time you see a country with your own virgin eyes is both unique and exhilarating. The image “One Glance” was shot on my very first trip to India in 2012.