The Fairmont Barcelona pool


2021 Photography highlights

After many years of documenting my photography projects on a month-by-month basis, I have decided to change how I update my readers on this website. From now on, I will divide up my travel and hotel photography assignments into an annual round up, hand-picking highlights from spring, summer, autumn and winter to share with you here on my website.

Andalucia Auras a collection of NFT´s by Michelle Chaplow

Michelle Chaplow has photographed Andalucia for three decades, relocating from England to Spain in 1991. She is a member of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain and has studied photography at Seville University, The Contemporary Art Museum in Malaga and the MoMA in New York.

As a lens-based artist, she is now minting her first NFT for the Andalucia Auras collection. A series of images inspired by Andalucia, her home for the last 30 years.

Michelle Chaplow´s first collection of NFT´s Andalucia Auras

Michelle Chaplow´s first collection of NFT´s Andalucia Auras

Surselva and Brigels tourist boards

After viewing the photographic collection from Hotel La Val and the quaint mountain town of Brigels, the Surselva tourist board have incorporated a selection of Michelle’s photographs into their archives.

Ustria Miracla fine dining Restaurant - Hotel La Val

La Val Hotel; Brigels Switzerland

Fairmont approved Photographer

Michelle was contacted by the head office for Fairmont Hotels in Paris to say that she is now a Fairmont-approved photographer.

The Fairmont Barcelona pool

The Fairmont Barcelona Pool

Exclusive Interview with Julia Hands, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Hand Picked Hotels

It comes as no surprise that in 2007 Julia Hands was awarded an MBE for her services to hospitality. Julia is the founder of Hand Picked Hotels, a collection of former British stately homes and manor houses that have been transformed into what is now a fine collection of unique and extraordinary hotels in beautiful locations. Michelle was lucky enough to interview Julia and discuss their shared love of historic hotels.

Julia Hands, Chairman & CEO Hand Picked Hotels

Julia Hands, Chairman & CEO of Hand Picked Hotels

Hotel bathroom photography is not as easy as it sounds

Many people ask Michelle, “What’s the most challenging hotel in a room to photograph?” Her response is always, without a doubt, the bathroom. Luckily, Michelle loves a challenge. Here, she shares her top tips for capturing these tricky spaces in their best light.

The beautiful bathrooms of Benbow Historic Inn

Benbow Historic Inn Room Bathroom 403

12-week online photography course organised by the Madariaga Foundation, taught by Eduardo D’Acosta

Michelle is a firm believer that we are lifelong learners and has joined 80 other students in an online contemporary photography course, to study what photography means today and how it has changed in the last 10 years. The course is a journey in 12 classes covering experimental photography to today’s documentary photography. A great way to enhance creativity, acquire ongoing visual culture and to share views and opinions with other students.

Remote Photography

When Prince Harry and Meghan released a black-and-white image announcing their second pregnancy, it caused more than a ripple in the photography world. The stunning image was all the more striking for having been captured remotely via an iPad by their friend and long-time photographer Misan Marriman.

Michelle felt inspired to try this remote technique herself, and spent more than a week working closely with models and stylist to perfect the technique. Both models were in England while Michelle captured the images from Spain.


Remote Photography, model Ricard Wood in England. Photographer Michelle Chaplow and Stylist Dennie Pasion in Spain

Remote Photography, model Ricard Wood in England. Photographer Michelle Chaplow and Stylist Dennie Pasion in Spain

Michelle is in awe at this innovation; “That’s the great thing about photography – it is just continually evolving and blowing me away. Whilst we are in a pandemic, you can literally take photos from your location to another location on the world with nothing but a good smart phone and an internet connection.”

Remote Photography,model Isabella Mason in England Photographer Michelle Chaplow in Spain

Remote Photography, model Isabella Mason in England. Photographer Michelle Chaplow in Spain #remotephotography

This opened up a huge door of opportunity, and within a week Michelle had been approached by a corporate tech company with members all around the world to capture the board members

Planning to return to the Swiss Alps

Michelle is working on a proposal for new photography including lifestyle for La Val Hotel and Mountain Spa. Stay tuned!

The Swiss Alps © Michelle Chaplow

The Swiss Alps

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