March 2016

March 2016 Vejer de la Frontera, Andalucia, Spain

Conference by Fernando Gallardo on the Millennial Collaborative Economy
Highly respected Spanish hotel critic Fernando Gallardo delivered a fascinating Keynote speech regarding millennials within the economy. He highlighted employment in the millennials, the restriction effects of Spanish opening hours, trends in the hotel industry, and the future of hotels #hotel2020 To find out more please read on.

March 2016 Andalucia, Spain

Hotel Photography: Food for thought
Hotels attract clients with beautiful photographs of their rooms, pools, sea views, landscapes etc… a huge selection of ‘Take me there’ images. A major part of any hotel stay is the food, Michelle firmly believes, and good food photography, especially depicting local and regional cuisine, will draw in clients and forms an essential part of any photographic hotel portfolio. Read more.

March 2016 Sierra de Aracena, Andalucia, Spain

Pool of Life
The next photograph in the series ‘Pool of Life’ was shot in an abandoned swimming pool in the Sierra de Aracena, very near to the Portuguese border. This shot was particularly interesting as the water in the man-made plunge pool trickles down from a mountain spring, flows through the pool and then out again, for irrigation purposes. An air of mystery and faded grandeur added to the ambience of the shot. The model was particularly brave as temperatures fell to around 0ºC. Thankfully warm cups of tea from the nearby estate for the model and crewmembers kept morale up.

March 2016 Estepona, Andalucia, Spain/New York, USA

‘Seeing through Photographs’ course at MoMA – Museum of Modern Art New York
Michelle commenced an online distance learning course ‘Seeing through photographs’ at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, curated and taught by Sarah Meister. From the course description: “Although taking, sharing, and viewing photographs has become second nature for many of us, our regular engagement with images does not necessarily make us visually literate. The course aims to address the gap between seeing, and truly understanding, photographs by introducing a diversity of ideas, approaches, and technologies that inform their making. In this course students look closely at photographs from the collection of The Museum of Modern Art and hear a variety of perspectives on what a photograph is and the ways that photography has been used throughout its nearly 180-year history: as a means of artistic expression, as a tool for science and exploration; as an instrument of documentation; to tell stories and record histories; and as a mode of communication and critique in our ever increasingly visual culture.”

March 2016 Malaga, Andalucia, Spain

Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Malaga
The wonderfully theatrical week of religious processions that occurs every year around Andalucía. The streets of the city become a stage for the live expressions of devotion with song, music and thousands of hooded penitents. Even after 20 years, you still cannot have enough pictures of Semana Santa in your archive.

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