October 2018


Speaking Engagement at the Historic Hotels of America Annual Conference

Michelle presented an academy session at the 2018 Historic Hotels of America and Historic Hotels Worldwide Annual Conference at the Broadmoor Hotel, Colorado Springs.

The session was entitled: “What Is Your Hotel’s Visual Reputation? A Photographic Journey.” Here is a summary of Michelle’s key points:

Ask Michelle to choose between a luxury or historic hotel assignment, and she will tell you: a historic hotel every time. Why? Because, she is passionate about heritage hotels – when you walk in the door, there is that magical, intangible sense of a bygone era. There’s also the knowledge that this photo assignment is likely to be preserved for generations to come. Images that are captured today will one day become historical documents themselves, and as a photographer she feels proud to play a small part in the hotel´s history.

From a more commercial point of view, guests check out of your hotel before they check in based on the quality of the photos you show them. Michelle’s academy session aimed to teach General Managers how to enhance their historic hotels’ visual reputation by portraying hotels in their very best light. Her session offered participants the chance to:

  • Turn their hotel´s visual reputation around with fine hotel photography.
  • Acquire knowledge on how to transform their website and marketing materials with quality revenue-generating imagery.
  • Learn about a Historic Hotels of America member ́s case study: The Benbow Historic Inn, CA.
  • Collect practical tips on saving both time and money on their next photo shoot.
  • Anticipate the challenges facing hoteliers in procuring digital imagery to suit a wide range of specifications, from responsive websites to social media platforms and traditional print media.


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