September 2016


Cascamorras Festival in Baza
Spain is famous worldwide for its festivals, but after living in Spain for over 20 years Michelle has never seen a festival as curious as Cascamorras. Just imagine thousands of people running through the streets covered in black sticky oil, all with one aim: to protect a replica of the Virgen de la Piedad. One person is selected to try and remove the Virgen from the town of Baza and take her to nearby Guadix.
This feat can only be attempted on one day in the year, with one condition: the Virgen-stealer must remain totally clean. With 12,000 dirty people surrounding them, the feat is almost impossible, however that doesn’t stop them from trying. In terms of photography, make sure that your camera is totally sealed and covered, your clothes are ready for the bin and that you drink plenty of water. The only other attributes you need are a jovial spirit and a photojournalistic eye.


Contemporary Still Life
In terms of still life imagery, the world of photography takes inspiration from the great masters of classical painting, creating contemporary twists on traditional still life shots. Michelle created her own contemporary still life photo: La Tomatina, using an irregularly-shaped beef tomato alongside the petite cherry tomato. The final images and more information can be viewed here:


Still life: the Spanish Omelette
In the same theme of Spanish food Michelle, also carried out a series of contemporary still life images on the Spanish Omelette.

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