July 2018

JULY 2018

Benbow Historic Inn Website

On the 16th July the Benbow Historic Inn’s new website went live, featuring Michelle’s images (see May 2018 news). Michelle worked alongside the web design company to advise on the best placement of images, and to reduce the cropping of images in the slider features.

Virgin del Carmen, Photos for Andalucia.com

Every 16th July, Estepona celebrates its long fishing tradition with its own Virgen del Carmen festival. The event comprises several days of magnificent Catholic display and civic festivities.

The finale is when the Virgin is placed on a raft and pushed out to sea, with the fishermen following into the water. With dusk arriving, the Virgin begins her regal tour around the awaiting boats, blessing them according to tradition. A call and response cry of ´Viva la Virgen del Carmen!´ is met with ´Viva!´, and the crowds scream ´Guapa! Guapa! Guapa!´ as the boats manoeuvre chaotically to get closer to the Virgin. Flares are fired, and the passion of the locals makes the atmosphere electric.

This year Michelle was fortunate enough to be able to witness the event from a fishing boat, capturing some close shots of the Virgin.

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